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Young children are just like a piece of blank paper, if you draw a red colour on this paper, it will be red; if you add some blue on this paper, it will be blue. The environment influences the child’s development and it decides if the child will be red or blue. We think that we have duty to fill children with appropriate knowledge and skill in a suitable environment.

In this warmth, security, love and caring environment, we provide preschool and day care service in a dynamic and stimulating Montessori learning environment. Our classroom in Montessori settings give freedom to children to make creative choices in their learning. Every material in a Montessori classroom supports an aspect of child development, creating a match between the child’s natural interests and the available activities.

From the rich Montessori learning environment, children are able to develop creative thinking, self esteem and communication skill. This is also the start of a children’s independent experience away from home and prepares for confident entry into primary school.


Nurturing children to success
with Montessori learning method


To bring a fun and interesting
learning journey to all children

Our Programme

  • Montessori
  • We adopt Montessori method to all age group. Our classrooms are well equipped with age-appropriate activities and materials with experienced teacher who are able to guide children through the activities. There will be activities for children to work in group and individual. These activities help children to discover and explore knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.
  • Real Life Experience
  • We believed that real life experiences bring positive impact to children's learning journey. Our children are given opportunities to experience the activities and items in real and to experience outside the class. Real life experiences help children to be more motivated, grow in confidence, gives them a positive attitude to learning and experiencing new things.
  • Jolly Learning
  • Jolly Phonics teaches children to read and write using synthetic phonics which is widely recognised as the most effective way to teach children to read and write in English from early age. The programme continues with Jolly Grammar which extends the earlier phonics teaching with further spelling, grammar and punctuation concepts.
  • Cooking Class
  • A cooking class in a week with clear step-by-step guides and easy to cook recipe for all children promotes fun and experiential learning. Age-appropriate cooking menu is specially designed by our caring teacher, and a seasonal menu might be introduced during festive season to increase the festive awareness among children.
  • Multilingual Learning
  • We believed that multilingual is very important for now and future. We are living in a multi-racial society and therefore, we encourage our children to learn more than just English. Our children are given opportunity to explore in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu in a fun way instead of sitting and listening in the class.
  • Interesting Afternoon Activities
  • Fun and relaxing learning activities are catered for afternoon session. Instead of sitting, listening and writing in classroom, our children are exposed to activities such as role play, music and movement, storytelling etc in the afternoon session. Enrichment classes prepared by our partners are ready for children who are interested.


What our parents say

Like all other parents, we visited multiple Montessori schools but ultimately deciding on Dripping Colours Montessori was an easy decision as it was the only school where we felt put much focus on education and learning instead of a day care centre like many others.
Dripping Colours Montessori proved to be a great place of learning for our child. The teachers give much personal care and attention to the students, and are very attentive and generous with their time to update and engage in conversations with the parents as well.
We saw significant improvements in our child’s developments shortly after commencement, and we will definitely send our second to Dripping Colours Montessori as well when he comes to the age.


We are very glad to see our child's progress after starting his academic journey with Dripping Colours. He changed from a reserved and shy child to friendly, open and brave child.
Teachers in Dripping Colours Montessori are loving, attentive and dedicated. They pay attention to each child’s development progress and always keep parents posted on child’s development.
My son loves the yummy and healthy home cook food too! I'm impressed with the report I receive daily about what he had learned and done in school each day. The report gives me an opportunity to interact and discuss with my son on things happened in school everyday.
Highly recommended!


We sent Neisha to Dripping Colours Montessori in May 2019 in hope that her social skill improve. However, what we least expected is that she has improved so much the past 6 months since attending Dripping Colours Montessori. We have been trying to potty train her for the longest time but unsuccessful. However, after less than one month in Dripping Colours Montessori, the teachers managed to potty trained her and since then, no more diaper. She is more independent now and able to socialize with her peers since started school. She is able to practice what teacher taught her in school at home from wearing her own shirt and pants, to socialize with other kids which she used to be afraid of. Last but not least her grasp of other languages apart from English. She can now understand a little of Mandarin and also Bahasa. We are surprised with her level of understanding to other languages apart from English in about 6 months after we sent her to Dripping Colours Montessori.
We cannot thank teachers in Dripping Colours Montessori enough in nurturing Neisha to be an independent and polite little young lady.


谢谢Dripping Colours Montessori 的老师们,


谢谢Dripping Colours Montessori 💕


I would like to recommend Dripping Colours as they really give confident to us as parents to leave our kids there without any worry. The daily activity report always clearly explained on my daughter learning progress. My daughter has improved a lot and she become very keen to learn since attended the school. There are variety of activities carried out as school as well. Besides, teachers are all friendly and always reply promptly to our questions. Strongly recommended to parents who are still hesitating where to send their kids!


The transition was nurturing and they have formed beautiful relationships with the educators there who treat our children like their own. Especially my 3.5yo daughter who has speech delay problem has improved a lot on her speech and be less emotional during the class. Besides that, my 2yo son seems to be able to focus and pay full attention as well. We never have to worry about sending our children, I'm actually really excited for them to learn in a fun, loving and safe environment. It puts us at ease they are getting the best education and care.

Le Jin


School Operating Hours

Starts at 8.30am
from Monday to Friday

Half day programme : 12.30pm
Extended programme : 3.30pm
Full day programme : 6.00pm
After school programme : 1.30pm - 6.00pm

School Tour

We welcome you to visit our school with your child. Please do contact us prior to the visitation.


We require the attendance of parents for children’s enrolment. Parents are welcome to call us or email to schedule for the visit and register for your child.

We accept enrolment of children at any time in a year.

School year

We divide the year into 3 school terms

Term 1: January – April
Term 2: May – August
Term 3: September – December

School is closed on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and term holidays.
Click to download school calendar 2024 .

Virtual Tour

Take a look on our Montessori environment, a good environment for your kids to learn and grow!

* This video was captured at Dripping Colours Montessori @ Desa Parkcity

* This video was captured at Dripping Colours Montessori @ Desa Parkcity

* This video was captured at Dripping Colours Montessori @ Rawang


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Join Our Team!

Preschool acts an important role in childhood as it is the learning foundation to all children. Montessori school is a place where focus on learn from play rather than sitting down in the classroom for worksheets. Play creatively is so important in our children. We are looking for some one who is passionate, energetic, creative, and love to be with children to join our family. If you choose to be part of this, please do not hesitate to drop your resume to drippingcolours@gmail.com.